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  Foshan Lingcai Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating modern production technology and services after decades of ups and downs since its establishment. Looking back on the development process, keeping in mind that the company survives, develops and grows in fierce competition, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the sincere cooperation of new and old customers, and sincere respect to friends from all walks of life for their support and care. …

  In response to the fierce market competition, our factory has continuously increased investment and expansion of production, led production with technology, solved the difficult problem of POF shrink film printing, learned advanced systems to solve corporate management problems, and produced and sold products that met the relevant national food packaging standards And industrial safety standards, our factory has won the trust and support of new and old users with stable product quality and perfect humanized after-sales service for a long time. Lingcai adheres to the tenet of "quality control, customer first, and service to the society", and sincerely hopes to cooperate with you hand in hand to a brilliant tomorrow.

  Lingcai welcomes friends from all walks of life!

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Foshan Lingcai Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

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